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The Perfect Wedding! Which couple does not envision that? Every person desires a flawless night spent with the beloved ones, family, friends, relatives, celebrating the union of people in love. The wedding day is a day where memories will be made and forever remembered.

Nevertheless, what does make the perfect wedding? The question’s popped, the ring is on, and stars are in your eyes…but now what? In traditional terms, a wedding is a ceremony which unites people in a divine unity and is celebrated worldwide. The celebrations differ around the world and countries, and nations often have diverse wedding garments. Nevertheless, all of them have one thing in common – everyone wants a perfect wedding venue. Your reception site sets the scene for the entire night.
Choosing your venue for the wedding reception can be an overwhelming process. You surely have a vast number of friends that recently got married. Even though they deliberately share some useful tips, the final decision has to be yours. It’s not only about the place that you need to choose, but specific criteria also have to exist, and you probably expect reasonable amounts, a venue with enough space to place all your guests, and the most important –  to have it booked before anyone else does. If you start planning on time, all of this can be handled well – you need to think through. Reception is the part of the night that everyone expects with excitement. This is what makes or breaks the night – the glamour, food, excellent service, beautiful indoor space, environment and all that follows.
Before you choose the place of your dreams, you should set up a wedding budget. You have dreamed about this day your whole life and those dear to you have to be there. Consider whether you want a more intimate and low-key wedding, surrounded by friends and family, or you prefer to have more people by your side. Once you have the guest list, you can start digging for places which suit your requirements. Luckily, you won’t have to search for long because your perfect wedding venue is just around the corner at Event Center Kopernikus, located at one of the most beautiful sites in Belgrade, right at the confluence of the Sava River and Danube. Wherever in the world, you have traveled from, and even if Belgrade is not your permanent home, Kopernikus is a place which can create unforgettable, magical moments, for your happy-ever-after journey. Even though almost every aspect of a wedding is optional, whether you want to wear more casual clothes or do it in a traditional style while enjoying the high tier level cake, one part you cannot skip – the venue. Only at Kopernikus, you can say yes under the blue sky, in the alcove of a romantic gazebo at the blue Danube. The moment wedding rings glisten on your fingers, an elegant wedding reception will be waiting for you at Kopernikus.
There are so many ideas circling your mind, and you want to fit it all and have a stunning bar, elegant ballroom, and a cozy restaurant. The good news is that you can have it all if you choose Kopernikus as your wedding reception venue. Located on the banks of the two rivers Kopernikus is unique in its design and its location connects two different worlds, the side of the new city and the view reaching Kalemegdan fortress, one of the main tourist attractions in Belgrade. This beautiful event center consists of 2 closed sections, where each one of them has a surface of 750m2 and a lovely roof terrace of around 600m2.  Kopernikus is a perfect place for events of a different kind, cocktail nights, congresses, seminars and it can host up 1500 people. If you choose this hub of glamour to host your wedding reception, you won’t have to cut down on your guest list. Besides the modern architecture, Kopernikus has the latest technical equipment, advanced sound system, and lightning which will make this event exceptional.   
No costs will matter to you once you see the indoor space of the gorgeous Kopernikus and the picturesque sky spreading over the old part of the city. The pricing plays an important role; nevertheless, you need a glamorous venue, spacious for all your dear guests. Besides, we can host your wedding reception in a variety of settings, whenever you want to skip around and move from the crowd, our terrace will be available for you with breathtaking views. Our catering service professionals will make sure your guests enjoy this beautiful night. This space also has easy access to the main ballroom and the terrace. Kopernikus is a stunning place which combines an atmosphere of contemporary elegance with some of the tastiest dishes and wines in the white city. It is perfect for grand receptions and even for intimate affairs. Teams of chefs and sommelier will help you in creating the ideal menu for your wedding so that every detail is accommodated to your taste. Everything here is designed for a glittering celebration of your life. Kopernikus will make your wedding day unforgettable and exclusive – a story that will be told by the generations to come. It is a combination of a classic wedding with some elegant, yet trend-focused, styling choices, making the overall mood and theme a little more contemporary. With divine flowers, delicious food, our guests are always speechless with the quality of service we offer.
If you need to some additional information or you want to speak to someone from our lovely team, do not hesitate to reach us at any time given. Our representatives will make sure you enjoy all the glamour for your special night and remember Kopernikus for its magnitude and great customer-oriented service. We want to help ambitious couples who are madly in love to get married in their dream place, covered in bespoke luxury, with all their wants and wishes, form the bottom of their heart.
We are looking forward to hosting your wedding reception!

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