Can you imagine your fairy tale wedding?

Do you ever imagine your wedding day? Waking up early, removing the curtains and looking at the beautiful sun rising over the riverside… With the gentle breeze that comes into your room and takes away the small signs of jitters and excitement. “It has to be perfect”, that’s what you keep saying to yourself, and that is what you’ve planned it to be last several months.

You start to reverse it in your head once again. The story starts like this…

You are a beautiful bride. You have chosen you Champaign color wedding dress, that you have in your dreams since you were a little girl. Something similar to the dress a princess would wear at the ball, something like Cinderella. Besides that, of course, perfect colorful shoes, which show your good taste in fashion. Makeup is done, hair also, your bridesmaid is here too, holding your hand. You start interrogating bridesmaid, your person for every single situation in life, if the wedding is set. And she begins telling you a fairly tale…

“Imagine water, huge but calming river on a beautiful spring day. Sun has prepared its best treatment just for that particular day – not too hot, not too weak. It is just perfect to be able to stay outside most part of the day. And, the view is impressive! The terrace is looking at the old city, where the Kalemegdan fortress is breathtaking even during the day. Spirit of the old times, a mixture of spring colors, trees, blue sky, people everywhere, and the statue named The Victor among all of these things waving at you and saying: You won this girl, you deserve it! The view breaths like happiness during the day, and when the night comes it turns into the lightning magic. And, the complete image of the lights has a replica in the water of easily running river Sava. What a picture!

Take a look back at the terrace – it’s all in nature colors: white, green, violet. People are smiling and it seems like everyone just cannot wait for the magic to start. Every single detail of the decoration has been thought trough wisely. Each glass, each spoon, flower decoration of the main table (spouse’s table), small messages were written on every single napkin and personalized thanks written for each guest. The magic lights are prepared, and waiting for the night to bright on together with the great lights of the Belgrade. You know there is going to be fireworks, don’t you?! It will be the most beautiful one you have ever seen. The plan is to light it during your song, as the song itself tells, the idea is to be actually “Perfect symphony”.

Don’t think we forgot the music. Your song will be played by a group of very talented children from music school, in a classic music manner. For the rest, I can tell you just that is going to be an extraordinary party – including DJ, band and, of course, a moment with traditional singers. Just a moment, I know, not too much.

In other words, terrace is ready, people are ready and waiting, music is all set. Of course, the other hall is ready too, that one inside. We were thinking about it too, do not worry. Similar to terrace the hall is huge too, more than 700 m2 , filled with round tables, also decorated. You ask me about the dance floor? Is it going to be enough space for dancing? My dear, no need to get worried, of course there will be enough space. That is the best thing about this Event center we have chosen – it is spacious, elegant, and comfortable. We will dance for sure, all day and most of the night.

The best thing about the catering is that we did not have to think about it a lot. The services Koperniku610 offers were quite enough. Combination of Mediterranean food and traditional, Serbian cuisine seem quite a good choice. Do not let me start talking about marvelous wine list we have prepared for this special day of yours!

Service here is 100% up to the task, enough people to watch over every need and every glance that guests make. There are absolutely professional and would take care of guest’s needs.

They have also taken care of guest registration and welcome drink. When it comes to that hosting nothing is complicated when you have a well-organized team as Kopernikus610. Everyone has its place, every person is or seated or enjoying the atmosphere at the terrace. We all become a little bit nervous as the time passes. Because it looks like the only thing missing to this perfect event are the two of you.

People cannot wait to see you entering here and making the fairy tale come true.

The wedding couple arrives by boat, and guests are welcoming them (you) with ovations of happiness and applause. As you step in the short silence covers the moment – it is perfect, it’s light, elegant, and people are happy. You are happy. You perfect symphony it’s about to start.

I, as a maid of honor, let your hand and leave you in the safe hands of your future husband. The moment you approach your table is the moment when the silence is gone, the music starts, and smiles, happiness do not stop until long into the night.

All the rest is history. Actually, it will be well documented with photos and video material. Can you imagine princess, how many likes and comments we will gain on Instagram just for today?!” concludes the story the maid of honor.

Then you realize is time to go, the driver is waiting, everyone’s becoming nervous. You thank your bridesmaid for the story and support, and say: “Let’s catch that boat on Sava and let the perfect symphony begins!”

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